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Eat the right foods for YOU
Nourish YOUR body
GLOW on the outside

At Nutrition4You, we translate current scientific evidence on health and nutrition into understandable, practical and appropriate advice so you take control of your health and restore a positive relationship with food forever. 

Dr Megan Fabbro have supported lots of people and families achieve better health.

We can help you ditch diets, and instead focus on being the healthiest version of you.

Are you ready?


Like to find out more about me and how I can help? Why not phone or enquire online or even book a free 15 min phone nutritional strategy session at a time convenient to you.

I will ask you about your current health situation and your goals and together we can work out the best strategy forward to meet your needs and lifestyle. You can also decide if we are a good fit.

Meet Dr Megan

BSc (Hons), PhD (Medicine)

International Diploma in Nutrition

Director & Head Medical Nutritionist, Nutrition4You

Dr Megan is not your average nutritionist.

She has extensive academic and professional qualifications as a medical scientist and nutritionist that place her at the top of her industry. She will translate complicated scientific facts in to simple everyday practical approaches for you.


She is also a…




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