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From an early age, I have played competitive representative netball, baseball (yes, I was the only girl in the competition), softball and athletics. I still play competitive netball today, walk and cycle everywhere possible rather than take a car and enjoy spending my leisure time being active, especially swimming,, and anything else associated with the water.

With an Italian background, food has always been an important part of my life, particularly at family and social gatherings. As such, I am a foodie at heart and love sharing delicious meals whilst socialising with family and friends. I am very passionate about returning families and individuals back to the old-fashioned concept of eating together and not feeling guilt over specific foods or food groups. We eat every day and food tastes delicious and every mouthful should be enjoyed. It comes down to knowing what foods are healthy and what portion is appropriate for your body (age, health situation and more).


In the past 20+ years, my love of cooking and recipe development has grown. I have learnt many tricks and shortcuts to make a meal taste delicious within healthy guidelines & portion-controlled. My goal is to share these recipes and meal ideas with you so you too can enjoy food and be healthy.

One of my favourite (but often exhausting) roles in this world is being a mum - 3 beautiful girls (12, 9 and a 2 yr old). I am all too familiar with how time-poor we all are these days (especially us working mums) and how we often put ourselves last, which often means putting our health on the back-burner. I want to show you it can be easier than you thought. I have helped many individuals and families get their health back on track and achieve their goals with simple everyday approaches. You can do it too!

On a personal note, I have struggled with endometriosis, polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), fibroids, infertility, & miscarriages. Ive had multiple rounds of IVF, and now am in my mid-40s and am embarking on perimenopause.


Navigating your way through the different stages of life and how your body changes is a challenge. Not to mention the hormonal and associated weight fluctuations that arise. 


With my scientific and dietetic background, I have found many ways to navigate the food and health challenges as Ive aged. I want to share these with you and help you also find everyday solutions to sustain long-term good health. And ditch the concept of being on a diet.

"I believe that one of the biggest gifts you can give yourself and your loved ones, especially your children, is healthy habits that will last the life-stages"

Im passionate about helping you support your hormones - and overall health - as you age !

Dr Megan x

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